TKM Group is establishing a logistics centre in Maardu


Today, on 22 August, TKM Kinnisvara AS, a subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp (hereinafter TKM Group), and AS Merko Ehitus Eesti signed a contract for the construction of a logistics centre in Maardu. The future logistics centre will serve the companies of TKM Group. The centre will have a total area of 17,200 m2 and will cost around 20 million euros to build.

‘The establishment of the logistics centre will add new business opportunities for the companies of TKM Group and significantly increase the efficiency of work processes. This is a big step for the future development of the whole Group: the establishment of a modern centre will create better opportunities to make the supply chains of our companies more efficient and thus offer our customers an even better shopping experience,’ said Raul Puusepp, Chairman of the Management Board of TKM Group. According to Puusepp, the construction of the logistics centre will be financed from the group’s own resources and a bank loan. ‘Over 48 million purchases are made in TKM Group every year, the majority of them from the 74 stores of Selver. We have grown significantly over the years, so setting up our own logistics centre seemed like the only possible step to take. In the first stage, the logistics centre will mainly provide for the needs of Selver, but we have considered the possibility of increasing the capacity of goods in the future, involving other companies of the Group to a greater extent,’ Puusepp added.

‘It is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring challenge for us to build a logistics centre of that scale that will serve the Group’s very diverse businesses,’ said Peeter Kütt, Chairman of the Management Board of TKM Kinnisvara AS. The centre, which will be completed by autumn 2024, will be a modern building with an energy class of A, built in accordance with the requirements of the BREEAM certificate. The chosen location is well connected to major transport hubs, and the nearly 5-hectare plot will also allow for the future expansion of the building. According to Kütt, a solar park will be built on the roof of the logistics centre, which will cover a significant part of the building’s electricity consumption. ‘All of these choices result in a modern and sustainable building and modern working conditions for the employees,’ Kütt added.

‘The contract concluded today marks the start of the construction of the most modern logistics centre in Estonia. We will do our best to ensure that through good cooperation with the client, a high-quality and sustainable complex will be completed, which will simplify the daily work and processes of the client and, thanks to the energy efficiency of the building, will also help them to manage their costs,’ said Marek Hergauk, Director of the General Construction Division of Merko Ehitus Eesti.