TKM Group AS good business practice

It is important for the Group to adhere to our core values ​​and exemplary business principles on a daily basis. The core values ​​of the group are honesty – we are open and sincere and do not distort the truth; caring – we are friendly and helpful and open to solutions; reliability – we keep our promises and the rules that apply; innovation – we are open to innovative and modern ideas, we always try to be one step ahead, and environmental awareness – we care about the environment around us and use all resources as sparingly as possible.

The purpose of good business practice is to summarize and describe the most important principles according to which the Group’s employees and cooperation partners are obliged to be guided in their activities. Good business practice is part of the Group’s long-term business strategy. In all situations, the Group expects honest, ethical and law-abiding behaviour from its employees and partners.

The Group is guided in its operations and good business practice has been prepared in accordance with national and international guidelines and principles, including the Financial Supervision Authority’s Corporate Governance and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Good business practice can be downloaded here.

Good Business Practise Tip Line


Phone: +372 667 3152

Languages: Estonian, English, Russian

The tip line is intended for anyone who wishes to report breaches in TKM Grupp AS, its affiliates or in their business partners. Investigating the reports helps to prevent damages and improves company culture and work environment in general. Reports are being received and investigated by the Internal Audit Department of TKM Grupp AS (IAD), who ensure the full confidentiality of the reporter.

What to report:

  • If someone´s behaviour is in contradiction of the Good Business Practice of TKM Grupp AS or if someone breaks the law;
  • If someone´s behaviour or act may cause financial or reputational damage to TKM Grupp AS or its affiliates

After reporting:

  • IAD ensures that the investigation of the report is objective.
  • IAD may contact the reporter to clarify the information provided in the notice. When submitting a report, the reporter have the right to say that they do not want to be contacted, but this may affect whether the complaint can be investigated further.
  • IAD shall not disclose any details about the case.