The Supreme Court of Estonia referred the dispute regarding Selver AS to the Circuit Court for a new review


With the ruling of 20 January 2016, the Tallinn Circuit Court terminated criminal proceedings regarding Selver AS and its former employee Tiiu Valk on all charges in criminal case 1-14-3730 due to expiry of the limitation period. The Prosecutor’s Office submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court of Estonia. On 20 June 2016, the Supreme Court annulled earlier judgement and expressed a view that the Circuit Court erred when considered the alleged crime to be expired due to limitation period. The Supreme Court referred the case back to the Circuit Court for a full review of all the circumstances and evidence by a different panel of judges.

During the entire proceeding, Selver AS has deemed the charge of the Prosecutor’s Office to be unfounded and incomprehensible since Selver AS has never concluded any price agreements with their competitors. Regardless of the fact that the proceeding is continued, Selver AS is convinced that they have not contravened the law.