Prolongation of authorities of members of the Supervisory Board of the Selver AS; and establishment of Supervisory Board in Kulinaaria OÜ


The members of the Supervisory Board of Selver AS, the subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS, are Andres Järving (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Enn Kunila, Jüri Käo and Raul Puusepp. In connection to expiry of term of authorities of the said Supervisory Board members, Tallinna Kaubamaja AS as the sole shareholder has resolved to prolong the authorities of all the members of the Supervisory board for another 3-year term as of 20 April 2014.  

Supervisory Board shall be established in Kulinaaria OÜ, a subsidiary of Selver AS, which in turn is a subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS. The sole shareholder of Kulinaaria OÜ, Selver AS, resolved on 21 April 2014 to amend the articles of association which establishes the existence of a supervisory board. Additionally, it was resolved to establish the supervisory board of Kulinaaria OÜ in composition of Andres Järving, Enn Kunila, Jüri Käo, Raul Puusepp and Kristi Lomp. The members of the Supervisory Board are elected for a 3-year term and the authorities shall commence as of entry into force of the new version of the articles of association (entry in the Commercial Registry).