Enefit Volt and TKM Kinnisvara join forces to install 31 electric car chargers in the parking lots of Selver


Enefit Volt, Estonia’s largest electric car charging service provider and TKM Kinnisvara AS have started cooperating on the installation of 31 new public electric chargers in 11 parking lots of Selver. 15 of them, are ultra-fast chargers, allowing you to charge the energy needed to cover 100 kilometres in only a few minutes.

The electric car market is growing in Estonia as well as in the rest of the world. At the same time, the demand for suitable charging solutions is increasing.

Kert Pääbo, the business manager of Enefit Volt, says that clean transport is possible only if the charging solutions for electric cars are available, if the service is easy and comfortable to use and if the user can choose between chargers with different speeds, according to their needs. ‘We are committed to bringing charging opportunities closer to the users and to expanding our public charging network not only Estonia, but across all home markets, so also in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.’

Pääbo is of the opinion that adding charging points close to grocery stores is a logical step. ‘When thinking of places that people often visit in their everyday life, grocery stores come to mind, only second to people’s places of work. Shopping often takes a long time. Leaving the car charging while shopping saves time and once you have finished, you can continue your drive with a fully charged battery,’ he added.

‘In the upcoming years we will see a significant increase in the number of electric cars. This sets expectations for a proper charging infrastructure and other areas to which we want to contribute to in our activities. We understand the value of time to our clients, which is why we consider it important to offer the fastest possible charging at Selver stores. Selver is the first retail chain in Estonia that will have this many electric chargers in their parking lots. The number of ultra-fast chargers is noteworthy – a total of 15 chargers in different parts of Estonia will make charging especially fast and comfortable,’ said Peeter Kütt, board member of TKM Kinnisvara AS.

By the end of 2024, Enefit Volt will install 31 chargers with different power levels (22 kW, 50 kW, 140 kW, 300 kW) in different parking lots of Selver. The new charging points offer charging for a total of 62 electric cars. In Tallinn, the chargers will be installed next to the Selver stores of Merimetsa, Kolde, Pelgulinna, Peetri (when exiting the city), Keila and Saku municipality. In Tartu, they will be installed close to Sõbra Selver and Valga Selver and in Pärnu, they will be installed next to Ülejõe Selver. In addition, there will be a charger in Hiiumaa as well as in Kuressaare, next to Saare Selver.