Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp will start using a new visual identity – TKM GRUPP


The visual switch of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp to TKM Grupp is the first stage of the planned update – in the future, a proposal will be made to the meeting of shareholders to also change the business name to TKM Grupp. The reason for adopting the new mark is to create more clarity for the shareholders and the public, as TKM Grupp has grown into one of the largest companies in Estonia over the years, comprising several different business directions.

‘The public often only connects Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp with Kaubamaja, which is where it did begin back in the day. In actual fact, the food and car trade areas of the group have been business areas with significant volumes for us for years, and the public is also not widely aware that our group includes the largest kitchen for ready-made food in the Baltics, that we are involved in the real estate and security businesses to a considerable extent, and that we also import KIA vehicles. The new mark includes a reference to our history, as well as a glance into the future,’ said Raul Puusepp, Chairman of the Management Board of TKM Grupp.

Anne-Liis Ostov, Marketing Director of TKM Grupp, added that the visual identity of TKM Grupp was primarily created for corporate use and keeping in mind investor relations. ‘There is certainly no need for concern that the strong retail brands such as Selver, Kaubamaja, I.L.U., or others are about to disappear or that it is the intention of the new mark to outshine them,’ explained Ostov. ‘We also did not wish to disown our long history – the mark of TKM Grupp was understandably inspired by the logo of Kaubamaja. The new logo does, however, create a clear space for our other companies, and the colours and further design elements indicate to a modern and developing company,’ said Anne-Liis Ostov, Marketing Director of TKM Grupp. The new visual identity of TKM Grupp was created by Taifuun Creative Agency.

The potential change of the business name to TKM Grupp and the resulting amendment of the articles of association will be decided at the next general meeting. The new name and mark will only be used in corporate communications – all retail customer-facing trademarks of all subsidiaries, such as Kaubamaja, Selver, I.L.U, Viking Motors, etc. will remain in use.